Terms and Conditions

Booking Process

Sorry…  This bit will go on a bit, but it really is necessary to confirm everything before you commit to a booking.

When completing our Booking Application Form, please ensure to fill in all fields, giving the lead visitor’s Full Name, Address, Email and Telephone Number in case we need to contact you regarding your booking request.

Only persons named on your holiday booking form are permitted to occupy the caravan, if you want to add extra guests after the initial booking, we will require a new booking form to be completed before the holiday commences.

We agree to let our caravan to families with kids, not groups of same sex couples out for stags hens etc…  Please don’t apply, Security will refuse you entry.

We have the right to cancel your holiday if on arrival, guests turn up to security and they are not who was presented to us on your application form.  Security will not let you into the caravan site and all payments made is non-refundable under these circumstances.

Any Prices we quote to you does not include Haven fun passes; the caravan let is for self-catering accommodation only.

A Booking is not confirmed until we have agreed to let to you, and a damage limitation deposit of £100 is paid.  Your holiday let must be paid in full 8 weeks before the holiday.  If we have not been paid in full 8 weeks before the holiday, we reserve the right to cancel the booking and offer your date to another family.

All bookings are accepted on the basis that the lead visitor and their party accept these terms and conditions and Craig Tara Caravan Park rules whether they have read them or not.  Haven reserve the right to terminate a holiday without compensation where the unreasonable behaviour of the persons named on the booking form or their guests might impair the enjoyment of other guests.  There would be no refund whatsoever if this happens.


When you Arrive

You will be given notice of an arrival time, please make sure you make it within the time window given.  The caravan park is turned round in stages so that everyone doesn’t turn up at the same time blocking the main road.

You will be allocated one caravan key, please make sure you keep it safe at all times.  If you loose it and we need to change the locks the cost will be deducted from the security deposit.

If, when you arrive something isn’t quite right please let us know.  We cannot deal with things on the last day or after the holiday, so complaints after the holiday will be rejected.


While you are there

We will provide bedding, but we do not provide mattress protectors.  If you have children that might bedwet you are responsible to supply a mattress protector for their beds.

There is a strict NO SMOKING and NO VAPING policy in the caravan.  If after your let there is evidence that there has been you will loose the deposit as we will have to do a deep clean before anyone else can use the caravan.  Please don’t stand on the doorway either…  We have supplied a plant pot full of sand outside the caravan, please put your cigarette stubbs in the sand pot rather than flicking them all over the caravan site, and before you leave please put the stubbs in the bin.

If a Dog is found to be in our caravan, we have the right to terminate your stay immediately with no refund to you, this applies to visitors dogs also.  All the caravans around us are privately owned, they will inform us if they see you with a dog.  The deposit payment will be non-refundable under these circumstances, in addition you will be sent a bill for a full spring clean of the caravan and any additional cleaning required.

All the caravan furnishings cushions stools etc are to stay in the caravan…  Do not use these outside.

Caravans don’t have the same electrical supplies as homes…  The supply at home is normally 100 amp, the caravan supply is just 16 amp, so, caravan users need to think of what is switched on at the same time.  We have invested in full gas central heating and that should be more than needed to heat the caravan.  You ARE NOT allowed to plug in additional heaters not supplied by us, and you may be charged a reconnection fee if power trips are caused by unauthorised use.

Do not under any circumstances leave the caravan with the electrical devices switched on unattended.  Yes. It’s a brand-new caravan and everything is brand new, but things can fail and if you are not around god knows what can happen.  It’s quite common for phone chargers etc to start fires so please remember and switch them off when you leave for the day.

The same applies to naked flames.  No candles are to be left burning unattended, and if the gas cooker is being used you must not leave it unattended at any time either.

Please try and keep the surrounding grounds of the caravan clean and tidy, and when down the beach area make sure you bring your rubbish back and put it in the designated bin area not far from the caravan.  Also, please empty the caravan bin regularly in the designated bin areas, letting it pile up in the caravan will only generate smells and attract flies.

DO NOT…  I repeat DO NOT feed the seagulls.  I know, by daughter gives it the old, oh.. look they are so cute.  But believe me, they are aggressive birds and will steal food off your plate if you are eating outside on the bench, and dive bomb you when they have young about.

It’s a Craig Tara policy that no clothes lines are allowed to be erected.  If you put one up they will cut it down so best use the site laundrette or the one in Ayr town if you need something washed.

Parents are asked to supervise their children and make sure they don’t put themselves in danger or cause damage to the caravan or the caravan site itself.  Think respectfully about your neighbouring caravans and how your music and activities are impacting on their holiday.

As you can imagine with 1500 caravans on site there will be gas pipes all over the site just under the ground, therefore no barbecues are allowed to be used next to the caravans or on the grass that surrounds them.  Take a trip down the beach and have one there if you want. Just remember and take your rubbish to the bin after.

As stated earlier, the caravan let is as self catering accommodation, but it’s in the Haven caravan park that has lots of fun things to do.  To use these facilities you need to buy “Funwork Passes” from the Craig Tara reception area.  Prices vary depending of time of the year, best contact them for full details when you have confirmed when you want to have your holiday.


Time to go home

When it’s time to go home you are required to vacate the caravan in a clean and tidy state by 10.00am.  Remember the way you found it when you arrived?  Try and have it in a similar state when you leave.  We know it’s early, but we need to give the cleaners time to turn the van round and deep clean for another family to use.  Once the caravan has been checked over and no damages are found you will have the deposit £100 sent back to you.  However if damages are found, or the caravan left in an unacceptable mess there will be a charge deducted from the deposit.  Should there be damages incurred that cost more that the deposit £100, the lead visitor will be held liable for all costs to put things right.


If you leave something behind we will endeavour to do everything reasonable to return said items to you but we cannot and will not be held responsible for any loss to you.

It is recommended that you purchase some form of Holiday Insurance from your local broker to cover your personal luggage, personal money, holiday cancellation, personal and Public liability etc.. This type of cover is fairly standard, gives you piece of mind and not too costly.

We are not responsible for any inconvenience caused by any remedial work necessary in Craig Tara Holiday Park.  Any power cuts, gas failure, water, etc. is out with our control, any complaints regarding this must be taken up with Craig Tara Holiday Park direct.  Any change to facilities advertised or facilities being closed is not our responsibility and must be taken up with Craig Tara direct.

And lastly…  We reserve the right to refuse entry or to expel anyone who is behaving badly with no refund to you, and we reserve the right to enter the caravan at any time, if need arises, but we will avoid any unnecessary interruption to your holiday.


Address:  0/1, 33 Greenlees Road, Cambuslang, Glasgow G72 8JD

Phone:  07717 616131