Who we are:

 We are Jessie & Hugh from Cambuslang in Glasgow, and we have a lovely caravan sited in Haven’s Craig Tara Caravan Resort.

 Our website address is: http://www.ourcraigtaracaravan.co.uk


Personal Details:

We have cookies on the website to help you navigate the website and for us to track how much traffic visits the website.  No personal information is collected this was and what is used is not shared with any 3rd parties. 


Contact forms

Our website has a contact form you use to ask for a quotation.  We need this information to process a booking, but if you don’t proceed to a booking all information will be deleted immediately.  If you proceed to a booking the lead visitor’s details will be held on record as per the UK tax regulations.  After that point, the data will be deleted.  At no point will your details be passed to other 3rd parties.


Website content

 The content and pictures on this website is copyrighted.  No copying of text or images is allowed, thank you.